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Let us help take care of 


Doctor with Stethescope - Image by Alexandr Podvalny

We care for your needs including:

- Dementias

- Headaches (Migraine, Cluster Headaches, Occipital Neuralgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia)

- Pseudotumor Cerebri

- Back Pain

- Neck Pain

- Cervical/Lumbar radiculopathy

- Polyneuropathy

- Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

- Seizures/Epilepsy

- Stroke- Movement Disorders (Parkinson's Disease, Essential Tremor, Tardive Dyskinesia, Tics/Tourette's Syndrome, Dystonia, Spasticity)


- Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

- Myasthenia Gravis

- Myopathies

- Spinal Cord Diseases

- Vertigo

- Gait Ataxia

- ASL/Lou Gehrig's Disease

Referring providers
Reach out to us today!

We are currently accepting the following insurance plans:
Medicare   Cigna  Team Choice  United Healthcare   BCBS   Multi Plan  90 Degrees  VA    Tricare    Capstar    Humana    PHCS    Omni    Galaxy    beginning July 1, 2022 Firstcare and Baylor Scott & White

If you would like to send over your referral, including the reason for the appointment, 2 phone numbers to reach the patient, and please include:

1.) insurance cards (front & back)


3.)progress notes

4.) insurance referral is needed

Notify patient to fill out new patient paperwork 2 hours prior to the arrival of appointment. 


Fax (806) 749-6714 or email

Thank you kindly!

Thanks for submitting!


Doctor Sabouni was exceptionally informative about our issues.  He and all of his staff were very helpful and friendly and see to want to assist in anything needed.  The new clinic was very well designed on the inside and kept extremely clean.  It was a pleasure to be in his new office.

- Jim Bullock

Our Core Values - Image provided by Unsplash


These seven core values are the guiding principles of everything we do at West Texas Neurology Clinic 

 Excellence: To commit to high-quality care and the best outcomes. 


Compassionate Care: To show empathy for our patients and their support network. 


Respect: To demonstrate respect for self, staff, patients and colleagues. 


Teamwork: To recognize the importance and contribution of all team members. 


Service with Pride: To provide prompt, excellent service that treats patients and staff like family members. 


 Ethics: To maintain high social, moral and professional standards. 


Community: To support and give back to the community.

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